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Abundant access to renewable solar and wind energy sources in the expansive, sunny plains of West and Central Texas makes it possible for US Bitcoin Corp to sustainably mine Bitcoin in a way that benefits both the environment and the community.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) provides more than one-fifth of all domestically-produced energy in the United States. Through an environmentally-responsible and efficient use of its power, our computing facilities work to stabilize the ERCOT grid.

Lastly, our mining operations recruit talented and hard-working West Texans, creating sustainable job opportunities and lasting economic benefits within our local community.


Nebraska has a well-developed power grid with a mix of energy sources, including coal, natural gas, nuclear, and renewable sources such as wind and solar. This diversity helps to keep electricity prices stable and affordable, which is important for the energy-intensive process of mining bitcoin.

Another reason for locating a bitcoin mine in Nebraska is its dynamic local workforce. Nebraska has a strong tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship, and its residents are known for their work ethic and problem-solving skills. These qualities make Nebraska an attractive place for US Bitcoin Corp to run a best-in-class operation.


This facility is located in New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) Zone A only a short distance from Niagara Falls. This is a grid powered by ample renewable energy generation sources, ensuring that US BTC has ~90% zero-emissions electricity at the facility.

US Bitcoin Corp continues a long line of industrial tradition on the site, breathing economic life back into a former sodium plant that operated on this location from 1896 to 2015.